Monumetric Review | Its Requirements and Earnings

I run multiple websites and hence try different adnetworks for monetization. So, here is my monumetric review after my experience with them on one of my prominent websites.

Monumetric ads

The monumetric ads are implemented by the support team on your site. For this, they require your site’s login access.

They install a monumetric plugin to integrate your site with their ad server. Then the ad placement too is decided by them.

They prescribe a minimum of 5 or 6 ads for a page. This includes an ad at the footer and also a video ad.

The plugin also helps update the ads.txt for ads from the website dashboard itself.

The Dashboard and console

The monumetrric console gives many details about ads and the earnings on a single page. This includes the pageviews, impression, RPM, device-based revenue, etc.

The image below of my dashboard console shows RPM of $7.8, income of $333 for 49900 pageviews.

Monumetric dashboard console
monumetric income report

But the weird thing is the earning are updated after 24 to 48 hours for a particular day. I think this is quite confusing and speculative.

Monumetric payment

Monumetric payment is based on net 60 terms, which means they will pay your earning of a particular month after 60 days. This is quite long compared to AdSense of 21 days, ezoic of 26 days and valueimpression of just 3 to days.

But based on my experience with them, the payout happen anywhere between 70 to 75 days.Monumetric payment proof

They have different payment options like wire transfer into the bank account, PayPal but not Payoneer.

I prefer PayPal over Payoneer due to lower charges. So I used a US bank account provided by Payoneer to receive payments by wire transfer.

The payout details are also sent to your registered email once payment is done.

Monumetric earnings

I have tried ezoic before and I removed it from major sites due to speed issues. Then I ran valueimpression ads along with adsense. But, due to consent issues with adsense, I signed up with monumetric.

The income with a combination of monumetric and valueimpression is similar to that of adsense and valueimpression combination.

But with ezoic, I had 300% enhanced revenue. So, I think monumetric yield was not that great or comparable to ezoic.


They provide phone and email-based support. The support is quite good and they assign a group of four or more people to assist you with any question regarding ads, payments, etc.

Monumetric requirements

To join the program your website needs to have at least 10000 page views per month. They have different plans for different websites as you can see on their website like propel (10k-80K pageviews), Ascend (80-500k), Stratos (500k-10MM) and Apollo (10MM+).

Monumetric vs Ezoic

I have been using ezoic for the past 6 years now. And monumetric for the last few months. Here is a comparison of both.

AdsMore variantsFewer variants
Ease of joiningEasy and lesser pageviews (≥10,000) are sufficient.Hard. Minimal pageviews required are (≥80000)
Traffic ConditionsVisitors can be from all over the world.Visitors have to be from top tier countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia.
Payment for adsNo payment for ads except for premium ads.Payment required for ad set fee if traffic is less than 80k.
IntegrationBy DNS, Cloudflare or WordPress pluginOnly by WordPress plugin
Effect on site speedSlows down considerablyLittle effect but noticeable.
SupportDedicated account manager and general supportBy a set of support team allotted to you.
Payment methodsBy Check, Bank transfer, Paypal, PayoneerBank transfers, payoneer bank account and paypal
Payment termsAfter 25 or 30 daysAfter 60 days but make payments on 70th day
Switch over or quitYou can quit just by disconnecting your siteYou have to give 30 days notice to leave. If you quite immediately you will lose part of your payments.
AnalyticsGreat analytics of site and pagesLess analytics in dashboard

Positives of monumetric network

  1. The ads are clean and neatly placed.
  2. Visual dashboard with stats
  3. Good support
  4. Assured payment

Negative include

  1. Cannot leave the network at will. If so you will lose significant portion of your earnings.
  2. Great delay in payments compared to competitors.
  3. Bloat on site due to ad code
  4. Not-publisher friendly like ezoic and other networks.



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