Tips on adsense | Interesting stats to improve your earnings

Do you have a Google adsense account and are up making income through it?

Then it is a good idea to even analyze your adsense account for various tips about your sites, the ad performances and also improve your earnings.

The Adsense account has got many changes in the recent past and has many statistics to show which may not be seen even in Google Analytics.

So here are the tips on what one find and analyze their ad-sense account.

Tips on adsense

First you need to login into your adsense account and then click on performance reports tab.

Adsense stats

1. URL wise revenue: If you have multiple Urls displaying adsense ads, then when you click on url tab, all the earning of individual urls for defined time period are shown. You can also see stats like how much each of your site earns, page views, their CTR, CPC etc. This especially is useful to compare the sites and decide why a site is earning low compared to other and take necessary steps for correction.

2. The best performing AD UNIT; This is a critical analysis. It shows the performance of ads at different positions on the web page.  One can analyse two important performance results i.e.

a) The ad-unit with highest click through rate (CTR). When you click on the ad units tab it shows performance of each ad unit implemented. It helps you decide which ad unit gets more clicks and visits i.e. CTR (click through rate) on your webpage.

b) The ad-unit with highest CPC : Not all ad units at various positions on the web page get higher cost per click (CPC). You can also notice this feature that if two ad units get equal CTR, still the earnings differ.

3. The best performing AD TYPE: When you click on the tab ad type, you can see the ads which are performing better. For instance you selected both image and text media ads as you ad unit. Then here you will see which perform best i.e. text ads or image rich ads. For some niches, text ads perform better so you can edit your ad unit to text ad for more earnings.

Ad types

4. Type of ad categories your visitors click on MOST: For this you need to go Allow/Block ads tab. Here when you click on general categories tab on top, you will see all the categories of ads displayed on you site and the earning for each type of category. This is especially helpful when you want to display some affiliate ads. Because if your niche is a bit wider, then you donot know which of the products related ads your visitors are clicking or viewing. So if you know your visitors interest, then related affiliate ads can be displayed on the site and make better revenue.


5. Types of platforms giving you more revenue. Now a days visitors to your site come from not desktop and laptop alone but from mobiles and tablet devices. SO this tab helps you analyse which of  the platforms your visitors are coming and the earnings there on. This is crucial because whole of webpage with ads is displayed on mobile device like in desktop so it helps you know which of the ad placement is visible even on mobiles.

6. The earnings from different adsense PRODUCTS . If you have enabled adsense for content, for search, feed and also you tube ads (adsense for content host) etc. then earnings for each products can be seen.

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