Valueimpression Review | A Promising Ad network

Valueimpression is another high-performing ad network as an alternative to google adsense.

One can gain an additional 40 to 300% more earnings than with other networks.

Since I have already used ezoic ads, I decided to test this ad network on the recommendation of a friend.

I have been using it for two years now, and here is my Valueimpression Review.

Valueimpression Review from two years of Use

Once you apply for the program, with the website or blog details, you will get an email confirmation of acceptance.

The requirements for the site would be around 750,000 impressions per month or 25000 page views for high-quality sites.

You can get this data from your analytics or adsense or other ad network reports.

After approval, you will be given login details to access the dashboard.

You can also signup here for a faster acceptance as a publisher.

On the dashboard, you will find stats of earnings and sites approved.

Valueimpression Review

When you click on the sites tab, you will see a list of your sites accepted and also individual earning reports and ad codes to implement.

Ad code implementation

Similar to other networks like newormedia, exmarket place, you will be given two sets of codes.

The first set of codes will have to be placed at the head of each page. At the same time, the other set of codes is for individual ads.

They provide the following set of ads.

  1. Display ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Smart banners
  4. In-stream and out-stream ads.

For display ads, you will find the following sizes; square (300x 250), vertical banners (160×600), and Leader board ads (728×90).

One can choose the ads of their choice. However, smart banners are enabled from their side, and they bring good revenue.

Ad rates.

Their approximate rate for the individual type of ads are like

Ad typeseCPM
Display Banner$1-$10
Instream Video$4-$25
Outstream Video$4-$25
Discovery Video$4-$25

Note: The rates are as eCPM, which revenue for 1000 impressions.


The reports of value impression are quite straightforward. I have seen adsense, ezoic, monumetric, newormedia,, etc. But of them, the only adsense seems to be showing real-time earnings on the dashboard.

But value impression report is comparable to or even better than adsense. In adsense, I often see some real-time earnings, which are later reduced after a few hours on the same day. Even the adsense earning of the month is finalized only after two days or more.

For valueimpression, I saw some fantastic credibilities. The reporting is real-time, and the income reported is never deducted back after a few hours, as adsense does.

Even the earnings of the end of the month are finalized immediately after completing the last day.


I find it to be a good ad network, and they pay well than other networks like AdSense,, newer media, etc.

Their ads are also of good quality, from reputable brands, and are visually appealing.

value impression ad revenue break up

Besides, you can also run your Adsense ads as backup ads for unfilled inventory. By this, you will accrue income from AdSense, too, in your Adsense dashboard.

Site speed

The issue with ads is their effect on site speed. Since site speed is an important factor in Google rankings, I am always worried about the impact of ads on site speed.

However, the value impression ads did not affect the site speed much.

They are also dependent on the header bidding model for the display of high-paying ads.

But, still, the impact of the ad network on site speed is really minimal and negligible.

So, one can implement them without any worry.


I find this value impression to be one of the fastest payment adnetwork. 

For Adsense, you will receive payment for the previous month around the 21st of this month. For ezoic, it is from the 24 to the 27th of the month.

For newormedia,, it is around the 30th of the month.

But for value impression, you will receive payment by the 3rd of this month.

That is, the earnings for June will be paid by the 3rd of July. 

Payment proof

This really makes this adnetwork stand out from all the other ad networks. 

Payment methods

valueimpression ad network employs multiple payment options, and you can receive payments by 

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Wire transfer 
  4. cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin, bit cash, Tether, Ethereum, and XRP)

I use Payoneer, and it is cost-effective to receive payments.

EU and other countries consent

Nowadays, we need to obtain consent to show ads on sites in different countries.

For this, AdSense asks you to implement a few strategies, which is quite confusing to the publishers.

But valueimpression has the EU consent along with their js. So there is no worry for the publishers to some extent. 


The ad network has good support from a personal account manager through email or skype.

You can contact them through the official email mentioned on their site.

Once approved, you will get your account manager’s contact for any help.

Pro of Valueimpression 

  1. Good earnings.
  2. Quick payments.
  3. Many payment options.
  4. Quality ads.
  5. Wide range of inventory.
  6. Simple ad codes
  7. Clear dashboard.

Even removal of ads is entirely easy. Just one has to remove the header code and individual ad code from the placeholders.

Cons of this ad network

Insufficient ad sizes compared to Adsense. This issue is seen with, newormedia, and other non-Adsense networks too. Only the ezoic ad network has more ad sizes.

They can terminate your account if your site traffic drops to less than 25k impressions per day.

My advice: 

If you are using only adsense, then you will make less money. So run another valueimpression as an additional network for better income.

As an alternative, I currently run monumetric and value impressions on good sites.

Reader comments

  1. Hello, I am thinking of trying this Ad network on one of my websites and will like to know if I’ll have to remove Adsense ad codes first before applying for Valueimpression. Or can the two be used together?

    • Hi N.L Tayoh, I use both adsense and valueimpression ads on the same site. There is no issue with earnings or even site speed.

  2. Between ezoic and valueimpression , which one would your recommend?
    I read your ezoic review (
    Don’t think the speed issue is a big problem now. But still early days to say for me. Using it only for 3 months now. And now approached by valueimpression.

    So; as you have used both of them, which on do you think is better option.

    • I would recommend valueimpression. It is very simple like adsense without effecting the site speed. Further they pay just 3 days after the end of the month. I would not go for ezoic again because of complexity.

    • Hi, yes it is performing well. But as you said, I too noticed some decrease in revenue. I feel this is due to current market. If you compare with adsense you will notice it to be true.

  3. Hi Ranga,

    Please how did you add Value Impression header code to your website?

    We are finding it difficult getting the Value Impression code to show the right impressions. For example today it showed only 180 impressions. Meanwhile on our website we had 20,000 pageviews. That’s very bad.

    Yesterday it showed the same 180 impressions and we thousands of pageviews.

    Our theme has a space for header and footer codes and we added the VI header code there.

    • Hi Raina, I use generatepress theme and the header code is added in the hooks. I would advice you to contact the account manager as they can help better. Even they have skype support for faster resolution.

  4. Valueimpression have not replied me for long, it’s 5 days now, I maoled them but no reply yet.
    Is there any best alternative for a blog having nothing less than 1 50,000 Pageviews monrhly?

  5. On screenshot in post , those impression is actually pageviews or ads shown impression?
    For example, if I put 3 ads and get 1000 pageviews..will it count 3, OOO impression or 1000 impression? Pls clarify me
    Which type site they work with, do they accept beauty niche?

    • @Riba, They count ads shown impressions. I run their ads on different niche sites, So I am sure they will accept a beauty niche too.

      • Ty so much ranga…could u pls tell me the minimum traffic requirement they want only organic or social traffic is fine with me?
        I have AdSense, for now, that is underperforming due to the majority of social traffic, I guess.
        Would like to give a try…current I get near 3000 daily pv. Thanks

        • Hi Rabia, I think there is no traffic requirement as one of my sites with less than 500 PV per day is also accepted. But I think the quality of traffic matters. And as you said, the organic traffic may be important too. Our sites have 90% organic traffic from search engines. However, try contacting them, it is how we got our sites accepted.

  6. I’ve used Value Impression on & off for about a year now…and I’m seriously disappointed with the results. I also use Adsense &

    The problem seems to be that with Adsense & my site gets about 20,000-25,000 ad impressions/day…but checking the statistics with the Value Impressions dashboard…my site generally only gets 2000-3000 ad impressions/day.

    This totally does not make sense compared to Adsense & How can Adsense & report 20,000-25,000 ad impressions/day…and Value impressions only reports 2000-3000 ad impressions/day. Even at lower fill rates this does not make sense.

    I’ve contacted Value Impression about this…and they confirm that my header code & ad codes are placed properly…and my ads.txt file is 100% up to date.

    Usually I’m told Value Impression use’s some sort of “special algorithm”. This may be true…but the “special-ness” of this algorithm seems to be to reduce a site publishers ad impressions by about 90%…thus making a lot more money for Value Impressions…and a lot less money for publishers.

    VERY dissatisfied with Value Impression!

    • Hi, Rick, i use valueimpression along with adsense or other adnetwork. This helps generate more revenue even than adsense to me. So, it works as an additional income with minimal effect on site speed.

    • I found an abnormality of Valueimpression is that
      On the mobile page, the sticky ad unit top of screen,
      This unit cannot be closed or hidden.
      And the more peak is when you press to close or hide the ad,
      it doesn’t hide or close. But instead opens the landing page of that ad.

      Website used Valueimpression is now.
      And you can check what I came across.


    What you said sounds like it’s working well for you….but your response to my post has nothing to do with the subject of my post. My post mentioned nothing about site speed.

    My issue with Value Impression is…Value Impression doesn’t seem to register as many ad impressions/day as Adsense & (with the same number of ads & ad positions on my site).

    Thus this leads to less site revenue when I use Value Impression compared to Adsense &

    • @rick, seems you are quite upset with them. On one of my sites the number of impression with adsense is around 200K per month and for valueimpression it is 700K per month. So, may be it depends on the niche too.

    • Hey @Rick. The amount of Impressions always depends on the fill rates or viewability. Make sure both of these are all right

  8. Hi Rick…
    Just wondering if you ever found solution to your problem.
    I’m currently having same issues with VI….I’m having around 6k pageviews per day. I have two Adsense Ad space, and above 4-6 VLI ads, depending the length of the page.

    Now, Adsense has above 10k impressions perday, while Valueimpression has just 7k.

    I don’t have much issues with my CPM, (mostly $1+) but the impressions are far too low.

    Please let me know if you found any solution. Just got approved with NitroPay, and I’m not sure if I should ditch VLI.

  9. I can say valueimpression is a bit useless. When I got approval newly my impression was around 4000 daily my earnings where good but soonest my impression dropped and revenue. No reason. I get around 2000 impression daily and earn around 2-3$ so pathetic. I would recommend ezoic. Traffic source is 60% organic

  10. I’m using valueimpression but I’m so sad that impressions reduces to zero by 6pm everyday making me to lose lots of revenue. I contacted my account manager but no reply. Anyone with such problem?


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