Revenuehits Review | With Tricks for safety

Revenuehits is a banner ad network which is getting quite famous.

Unlike adsense it is CPA based where one gets paid for action taken.

In a search for additional income other than ad sense, I tried it on one of my new websites a WordPress blog.

Here is the revenuehits review based on that experience.

It is very easy to sign up with no minimum requirements like adsense.

Since there is no risk, you may check out for a week or so and see the results yourself.

Revenuehits Review:

Revenue hits is an Israel based online ad agency. It was founded in 2008 by a group of tech, finance and online marketers as the company site shows.

Revenuehits ReviewOn signing up, the account was approved fast. Maybe in a few hours and the staff is supportive of any questions asked.

The dashboard and interface are clean and simple. Being Adsense user for 10 long years, i would say this dashboard was the only one as user-friendly as Adsense. Most other advertisers have complex dashboards.

On logging in, you are provided with the option of placements. This button allows you to generate your display ad with the desired size and format. Also, you can assign your website to a related category or niche.

This categorization helps deliver suitable ads to your site.

Once the ad placement is set up, you an option to preview the ad or copy the code and paste it into your site for display.

Then the work is done and ads will be displayed instantly at the location.

The support staff insists to allow for a week or so for suitable ads to appear.

But the basic ads displayed immediately can also generate revenue.

I put the code on one of my new sites which generated just 100 views per day. I took of the code as I was worried about the quality of ads.

But when I logged in after a week, I was surprised to see my dashboard had $1.5 as pending for payment.

So I can’t expect this sort of revenue for brand new sites even with Adsense. Even for adsesne to show better ads with high CPC, your website would have some good performance ratings. This is not needed for revenuehits.

If you are new to blogging or website business, I would recommend to try revenuehits as your new site may not be approved by adsense for a new account.

The earning are displayed every day on the dashboard for a previous day date. So if you put ads today, you will impressions tomorrow and by late-night tomorrow, you will see earning for that impressions.

Like any other ad company, they tier system for countries. If you get visitors from US, UK, CAN, or Australia, you will be paid a higher amount than other low tier countries.

Revenuehits Payment:

Revenuehits Payment is done by wire, Paypal, or even payoneer as faster means.

They even have a minimum payout of $20 dollars unlike adsesne for $100 or even infolinks for $50.

I think one should go for payoneer instead of PayPal as they have fewer commission rates and faster deposition into your local bank account (i.e. within 24 hours).

revenuehits earnings

I even tried infolinks before, but their obtrusive ads combined with low payment made me go for revenuehits as an addition to Adsesne income. Because infolinks will be in the content while display ads will be outside the content like on sidebar or footer. They are less intrusive. Further, I feel revenuehits pays better than infolinks for the same impressions.

Also, we need to remember that text links have more clicks than display ads. So in revenue terms, revenuehits beats infolinks in terms of earnings for the same traffic size.

The payment is done as shown in the dashboard of payments after a net 30 days.

The only concern one might face using revenuehits is pop up ads. Which seems to open when the visitor clicks on any part of the page. But they load in the new browser window at the backside without disturbing the page view. But some visitors may view this as a breach of their privacy or malware attack to their systems.

But updating this information in the privacy policy on your site may help solve the issues to some extent.

So it is safe to try revenuehits for an additional source of income on your website or blogs.

Further, if you wish to earn more revenue from Adsense itself, then you might try Ezoic. This is a platform that enhances your Adsense revenue by proper optimization and third-party ad competition. Check our review on ezoic.

Also, check our review on adsterra ad network.

Though revenuehits is a reliable ad-network, still try to keep your site safe from malware in case they come from ads on your site. You can use the sucuri firewall and website protection plan for better security.

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