Siteguru | A SEO Tool to Increase Site Traffic

Siteguru is a simple yet complete website monitoring tool built to enhance and maintain site traffic.

It is an inexpensive and simple SEO tool that helps website owners keep track of their site status as per Google search console.

Siteguru Review

Siteguru, unlike other tools, aims to help maintain current traffic (i.e., prevent traffic loss) and also promote traffic to pages with low traffic.

As per Siteguru SEO, the tool’s prime focuses on Content, technical issues, and internal links.

  • It evaluates the technical SEO of a website.
  • Checks the relevancy of post titles and meta descriptions in the google search console.
  • Alerts on the pages losing traffic

These aspects are listed under the following options in the dashboard as

Content SEO

Siteguru content audit
The tool shows pages having issues with title lengths

The evaluation reports the problems with

  1. Page title length
  2. Meta descriptions length,
  3. Missing Images and alt texts
  4. Missing OpenGraph tags

Higher length in the page title and meta description length can affect site click-through rate in search engines.

So correcting this could be a useful exercise to bring more traffic to specific pages.

Besides, the images having no alt text are identified to provide a better user experience in terms of images for the site.

Missing open graph tags help us identify pages that can hinder social media promotion.

Technical SEO

Tools showing the change in page speed over time

The tools check for issues related to

  1. Page speed.
  2. Indexing status of pages
  3. Sitemap submission
  4. Structured data
  5. Hreflangs
  6. Missing google analytics code.
  7. Images without alt text

Pagespeed is a vital factor for site rankings. The tool shows all factors affecting site speed for every page on the site.

The factors could be unused CSS, Javascript, server response and differing images.

Indexing status shows pages that are not indexable based on the tags.


Tools showing issues with site internal links

This section details the issues with

  1. Broken links
  2. Internal links
  3. Internal redirects

The tools checks for broken links that could be an SEO issue.

Besides, internal redirects that slow down the site crawl and lack of internal links for any pages are shown.


The insights panel shows the overall site performance

This is where the tools try to avoid traffic loss and even guide us to work for better traffic.

This looks for

  1. Keywords (tracked keywords)
  2. Pages gaining and losing traffic
  3. Competing page (keyword cannibalism)
  4. Low-hanging fruit.

One can track the keywords in terms of position in the search console and can even receive email notifications for any drop in rankings.

Besides, one can keep an eye on the important pages that tend to lose traffic.

Keyword cannibalism is an issue within the site where multiple pages rank for the same keyword leading to an overall drop in rankings for those pages.

This tool helps to identify those pages.

Also, the low-hanging fruit pages feature shows those pages that can rank better with little modifications to titles and meta descriptions.

Site structure

This option shows all the pages with their traffic for the last 30 days and also the technical score for that page.

This helps to work on pages with no traffic or low traffic.

Siteguru pricing

Site guru pricing is quite affordable, unlike most tools, as shown in the picture below.

Siteguru prricing

Siteguru lifetime deal

Besides monthly plans, one can also opt for a lifetime plan with a limit of up to 500 pages for one website at a price of USD 49.

This plan is available exclusively to appsumo customers.


This SEO tool is inexpensive and can be handy for those who are part-time bloggers and full-time webmasters to keep an eye on their sites.

With the weekly and on-demand site checking options, one can see for errors on the site and correct them on time.


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