How to Make Money Online for Beginners | 5 Workable Tips to Follow

Having a personal computer with regular access to the internet has become common among students.

Though we use this facility for studies, playing games and watching movies, it can be used to make money as a small business.

Facebook was found by Mark Zuckerberg from his dormitory at Harvard University. Google was developed as a project by Larry Page and Sergei brin as Ph.D. students at Stanford University.

So it is quite easy for students to make money online from scratch.

There are many ways for doing it like writing, software design and web guidance, online teaching, photography and selling of your stock photos, drawing, etc., online.

These online earning means is very reliable and worth a try. You can generate some amount of revenue that can help you support your college or school expenses.

The internet income has some pretty advantages over the traditional means like having.

  • Unlimited geographical extension,
  • Unlimited time exposure,
  • Decreased physical strain to the supplier and buyer.
  • Easy and also quick transaction from anywhere and anytime.
  • It is also a good platform to provide extra income at home.
  • It is a type of self-employment where you don’t have a boss and time schedules.
  • Increase in online shopping all over the world.How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

Since Internet usage is rising all over the world, its scope and opportunity of making money are very promising. But this mode of earning is not a quick money-making option.

Ways to make money online for free

There are chiefly two ways to earn money online as

a) Job or employment mode

b) Business mode

Job or employment mode– Here, you may work on a fixed-time basis to complete a project or work assigned when you are online.

The best places for online jobs are & These sites are free to use, but they will make a small commission if you earn something.

Don’t expect immediate job offers in the beginning there because the employers like to give their projects to those with experience and those with good ratings, as seen on the profiles. But still, if you apply for 10 to 20 jobs, you will definitely get one.

Keep your profile with your complete CV and expertise. Apply to jobs which you can perform only. If you can’t perform, you will get negative ratings from the employer on your profile.

Try to do your job sincerely and in the prescribed time. This brings you even more projects and adds to your reputation

If things go well, in 3 to 6 months, you will be in a phase of making a few hundred dollars or pounds per month.

These jobs are designed to work from home so one can have extra money online from home.

Online Jobs include: 

a) Online data entry jobs or typing jobs which are available for pay based on the number of words typed, or forms filled or on hours worked.

b) Website development and/or its maintenance for a company or institute if you are a technically skilled guy.

c) Making of your pictures or cartoons etc., for websites like Flikr, etc.

d) If you are good at writing articles, then you can work to write your articles for the website based on their requirements.

e) . Making online games: For the sale of games to gaming websites if you are a software techie and specialize in making games for online players.

Business mode: In this mode, you can make sales of your product or other products by means of attracting or drawing visitors to your site even without any investment. This can be done by being an

a) Publisher: Display of Ads of other products or services on preferably your websites. This is termed publisher mode. You sell traffic to advertisers

b) Affiliate marketer: This is a type of marketing products or services for a commission by being a publisher.

As an Advertiser

You can select some good products which tend to offer more commissions to the promoters. Then make a link to the website offering the product or service from your account, i.e., the link should have your identity.

Then you buy some advertisement space from major search engines like google, yahoo, or MSN, or either you may directly contact webmasters with good traffic and promote your products or service.

When a visitor makes a visit to the site, you refer and make a purchase; you will get a suitable commission.

This requires some learning and experience to see that your earnings or more than your spending to continue further with this mode.

As a Publisher

Here you write well-structured content that interests you and also others on some site. Then you try to monetize your content by the display of ads on your pages with good traffic. The advertisers pay the commissions to you for display, clicks and/or conversions of ads.

Ways to Make Money Online for free

The content can be written on your own website or a blog. But if you feel you don’t want this headache of maintaining a site or blog of your own, then there are sites that offer space to write your content. They also promote your work in the search engines for a small share of your revenue. But this is also a worthy idea as it involves no start-up costs, maintenance. Further, you are guided well of how-to and what to write, etc. One of the sites with such revenue sharing includes Hub-pages.

If you don’t want the hassle of writing content, then you can hire someone to do it for you.

Then sites that help you to monetize your content include Google Adsense, revenuehits, amazon, click bank, etc.

Skills required for online busyness:

E-commerce requires few different tactics for marketing, unlike conventional business.

The focus in marketing online involves two primary skills i.e

a) Drawing suitable traffic (i.e., visitors) from the internet & converting them into customers or buyers.

If you are already into some conventional busyness and able to afford, then the best way is to outsource the work for both aspects as it saves your valuable time and also you can start earning immediately. The traffic sources can be through mass online advertising services like Google Ad Words, yahoo publishing network, etc..; offline traffic can be drawn in by advertisements in local newspapers, mobile mass messaging, etc. This involves a significant cost, but the results are assured.

But if you are just planning to make extra money on the net and don’t want to invest much then, you can opt to create both aspects by yourself.

Drawing suitable traffic: It is the toughest part of making money online.

The steps include

Creating good quality content that readers or interested and also problem-solving.

Promoting your content by Search engine optimization. (SEO). For tips on SEO, you get plenty of content online. Take some time to learn to implement it effectively.

What are the requirements for making money on the net at home?

Good PC with nice speed as you may require to run some market research software, preferably a laptop.

Good Internet connection, LAN connection, or 3G Broadband wireless connection.

Smart Softwares to minimize manual work, save time and prevent making mistakes in the process.

Video & voice chat soft-wares in case you need to communicate with clients.

A Google account helps in all the steps for your online earnings through its diverse tools. Have a look at the page Making money with Google for free.

Many times you may be required to receive income or sometimes to send money online for purchases. For this online secure transaction, you need to have a PayPal or Payoneer account.

Though it seems simple, the income from online sources is not that quick and one way to see some quick results is that you may need to write some content on the web on a regular basis.

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