SerpRobot Review | Best (Cheap) Rank Tracking Software

SERPROBOT is the least expensive SERP position tracking tool checking to help monitor the website rankings position of search engines.

Unlike other expensive tools like the rank tracker, this offers to check 300 SERP results for just a $ 4.99 per month subscription.

So, if you are a webmaster willing to track the search engine rankings of your site, then you must check out the tool.

Serprobot review based on experience.

This tool was initially started as with an option of free rank checking for 25 keywords. Later, it was renamed serprobot.

I started using that free service and being satisfied, I upgraded my subscription by hiring a single robot for $4.99.

It has the following features like

  1. Rank tracking for specific countries and locations
  2. The rank tracking is done once a day.
  3. Data includes SERP position, changes, CPC, and local and global volume.
  4. Option for third-party access to individual website data.
  5. Notes feature (for personal remainders).

Serprobot pricing

SERProbot pricing

The pricing is pretty straightforward.

Anyone can try the free rank checking up to 25 keywords for free.

For more, one can hire one SERP tracking robot at $4.99/month with a capacity of 300 keyword tracking.

So, there is no limit to the number of robots one can hire based on the need.

Each additional robot is priced at $4.99/month (and this may be raised to $9.99 in the future as per company claims).

You can make payments using a credit card, debit card, or even PayPal.

The invoice of payment will be sent to your registered email with the name MDE multiple digital establishments.

How to use serprobot to Track the keywords

SerpRobot Review
Project addition dashboard

Once you are in the dashboard, you can create projects for individual websites.

You can select the desired search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Youtube.

Once you opt for a search engine, select the correct version of the search engine for the corresponding country like the United states, united kingdom, Australia, etc.

Besides, you can choose a suitable device like desktop or mobile, language and locality for tracking.

Then add the keywords to be tracked in bulk.

serprobot dashboard
SERProbot dashboard showing project details

Once all the projects are added, you will have the main dashboard as shown above.

The robots take a few minutes to track all the keywords.

If the number of keywords exceeds their capacity, you will be asked to buy a new robot to process the rest of the keyword tracking.

Inside each project you will see the average position of all the keywords, the number of keywords improved, the number of KWs in the top three positions and the number of KWs in the top 10 positions.

project dashboard serprobot

After adding the keywords, you can update your content and check for any improvements in rankings.

The tool will show the top 10 website URLs and also your URL progress over time.

This way you can decide if any of the post updates you make are helping you to get better rankings.

Ranking history for a particular keyword.

You can also notice how the ranking has changed each day for your site pages.

Notes option.

At the bottom of each project, you will have a notes option.

Here you can write any remainder or future plans on your project or keywords.

Serprobot Alternative

Though there are many alternatives to serprobot, based on pricing, one can try prorank tracker which has low pricing for keyword tracking.

Others like rank trackers are quite expensive and it would be better to hire an SEO tool like semrush or ahref.

Besides rank tracking, one can avail of robust SEO tools with them.


If you are having a subscription to SEO tools like either, semrush, ahref, serpstat, etc, you do not need a separate rank tracker.

To monitor site rankings as per google search console, you can use Siteguru.

But if you are not interested in these expensive SEO tools and still want to track your site’s Google SERP rankings, then you can opt for serprobot which could be most cheaper option.

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