Ezoic review | Why We Rejoined After We Quit Before

Ezoic is an AdSense-certified company based in Carlsbad, California.

I was approached by a member of ezoic’s team 8 years ago with a pleasant mail asking to register an account on their platform.

I was a bit excited as they promised a rise in income by 150% at least.

I went to their site ezoic.com and signed up as I felt it was legitimate due to the Google AdSense partner badge.

I was asked for access to my google analytics and Adsense accounts access as they wanted to help me better.

My Ezoic Experience

  • One can definitely make higher revenue by switching to ezoic. So if you are adsense earnings are less, I would advise you to switch to the ezoic platform.
  • Besides earnings, the program also tries to improve user experience, thereby gradually enhancing site traffic.
  • Unlike before, it does not affect site speed much, and so you do not need to worry about the effects on the SEO.
  • To comply with the latest Google page speed report, they have brought a tool, namely the ezoic leap. This leap helps you make desired settings on your site to adjust the core Web Vitals.
  • They also provide free hosting for WordPress sites and this way, it helps to deliver site content and ads faster while achieving better page speed.
  • They used to accept sites with at least 10k page views. But now they accept sites with lesser traffic too.
  • So do not hesitate and immediately sign up with ezoic on one of your sites. You can contact us for any help with the process or setup.
ezoic review
  • They follow net 30 terms for payment and you will receive the payment after 30 days of the current month-end.
  • Payment is regular through Paypal or pioneer and also check. The minimum payout by Paypal is $20. They pay approximately a week after adsense payment, around the 26th to 30th of the month (net 30 terms).
  • The robust traffic analytics option in the platform helps you understand the performance of each page on your website and take action accordingly.

How to get started with Ezoic?

Earning with ezoic from your website requires the following steps.

  1. Sign up on their site.
  2. Connect your google accounts
  3. Integrate your site.
  4. Enable the CDN and caching
  5. Insert place holders
  6. Enable monetization
  7. Wait for the results.
  8. Receive the payments.

Sign up on their site

  • Go to their site and choose one of their plans. You will have two options there, one with less than 10000 views per month and the other with more than 10k views per month.
  • Once you signup with the email, you will have an option to enter your website.

Connect your google accounts

  • Connect your google analytics, Adsense and search console.
  • The concerned team might use the analytics information to verify the traffic claims.
  • Latter, this google account access to the system will help it understand your traffic and income.
  • You will be notified of your site approval in two business days and then, you will be asked to integrate your site with ezoic.

Integrate your site.

The site can be integrated either through

  • Cloudflare integration
  • Nameserver based integration
  • Using ezoic WordPress plugin.

Of all three, I recommend using Cloudflare integration as it is faster and integrates seamlessly.

Cloudflare based integration

Enable the CDN and caching

  • Ezoic provides an option to enable CDN and cache through its ezoic leap technology.
ezoic leap
Ezoic leap settings: Notice various optimization options
  • Through this, one can enable site caching, optimize speed and comply with google’s Core web vitals.

Insert place holders

  • Placeholders are an option to designate the location of ads on your site. You can choose as many placeholders as you wish.
  • You can do so by using the ezoic chrome extension.
ezoic place holders
Ezoic Chrome extension showing placeholders for ads.

The support team advises inserting as many placeholders as possible for multivariate testing. One can choose different ad sizes at screen sizes too.

Enable monetization

Once you set placeholders, you can enable the ads.

If you are already using adsense, you can test the performance by just enabling 50% of site traffic to be diverted to ezoic.

Once you see results and are confident, you can enable 75% and even 100%.

But, even at 100%, you will still see few impressions in adsense.

Wait for the results.

Do not expect quick results. Though you will notice positive results, give them at least 45day to 3 months for better ad revenue.

You will definitely earn twice as much revenue with them.

Receive the payments.

You can set up payment methods to receive your earnings in your account settings. The minimum payout is $20 at net 30 terms.

You can opt for Payoneer, PayPal, or wire transfers to your bank.

ezoic payment
Paypal payment from ezoic

I used Paypal before but later shifted to Payoneer due to low charges and faster transactions.

Payoneer payment from ezoic

My opinion of enhanced revenue generation

Ezoic promises enhanced revenue to its publishers. I think it is because of the following reasons.

1. More Adsense ads, i.e., they use more ad-sense ads or partner ads on every page. So more ads, more chances to click, and more revenue.

2. They use ad exchange ads. i.e., besides Adsense, they use other partner ads in place of Adsense to see that we get the highest price per click.

So the ads on your site will fetch more money for a click than a normal Adsense account.

3. Ad rotation, the ad placement is managed by their system. So ads keep varying from place to place inside the content for different visitors. This way, they try to overcome ad blindness.

Problems I faced

I faced site speed problems over the years of exposure to their platform.

But they have been improving drastically. Now I am with them consistently.


Ezoic support staff has a prompt response to any of the queries.

They have an account manager for you who will contact you by mail for support.

Besides, you could contact general support if the account manager is offline.

The screenshot shows all the queries answered by the support team promptly.

I regularly rely on general support as it works on UK and US timings and hence gets replies fast.

You would typically get help in a few hours by mail. One can also call them over the phone for faster resolution.

Regarding payment

Ezoic offers payments through both Paypal and Payoneer. You can also opt for payment by check.

If you have been opting for payment by PayPal before and now by Payoneer, I think you must shift to the Payoneer form of payment. They have fewer charges and higher currency rates than Paypal.

Opting for Payoneer will save you lots of money while receiving the payment. :-)

Is Ezoic scam

No! they are a trustworthy company. I have worked with them for 8 years, and not even once have I had payment issues or attacks on my website.

They take the security of the publisher site and their network seriously, and hence you can have peace of mind with their ads and revenue.

I can say it is a genuine company that pays on time. Their ads are ethical and their methods are professional.

But the only thing is you have to manage the site speed when you use their ads.

They pay timely, and as per their terms, they follow net 30. But I have seen that they pay anywhere between the 26 of the following month and most by the 4th of the adjacent month.

Ezoic premium review

They have a premium plan which is only an invite-based offer. This premium plan promises higher revenue, like $50 CPM.

I did use this plan at a rate of $110 per month. It is really great with regard to revenue generation.

In most cases, at least you will recover your investment even if you have less traffic. However, you must keep your site regularly updated.

Ezoic vs. monumetric

I have used both ezoic and monumetric, and I love both. But I prefer ezoic for certain reasons, as below.

Site speedGoodBetter
Ad numbersMore ads πŸ˜’Comparatively lesser ads😊
RevenueBetter than adsenseBetter than adsense and almost the same as Ezoic.
Payment minimum$20 is needed to receive paymentπŸ‘.
So for smaller and starter sites, it is good.
$100 is needed to receive the payment.
Payment time periodIn 30 days after the end of the revenue month.😘Almost 75days after the end of the revenue month.😒

Media.net vs. ezoic

Though I have used media net as an alternative to adsense.

I don’t think one should compare it with ezoic.

Media net pays less than adsense, and ezoic pays more than adsense.

Ad revenueIs OkIt is way better.πŸ‘Œ
Payment limitA minimum of $ 100 is required to receive payment.Just $ 20 is enough for a withdrawal
Effect on site speedIs lessIt is present but ok.
Header biddingNo header biddingIt has a header bidding option by which revenue is more.

What is multivariate testing?

The ezoic layout tester application makes different designs for your pages.

This includes a change in the page’s design and changes in the location of the ads. This experiment is considered to enhance income.


One cannot use ezoic if they have certain requirements on their websites.

If you are using the sucuri firewall as our website security.

For this, we need to whitelist the IPs of ezoic in their dashboard. It could be a tough call and requires one to opt for support to solve the issue.

To generate additional revenue, you could also try valueimpression, monumetric newormedia, exmarketplace, and revenuehits.

How much ezoic pays for 1000 views

For tier-one country traffic, the earnings for 1000 views can be between $5 to $30.
The Ezoic EPV varies significantly by season, niche, and country-based traffic.

Reader comments

    • I ran the experiment for a short time. So i had some revenue which they paid by paypal. The results were different on mobile version as their ads were quite pretty for the viewers.Perhaps they could use custom add sizes which i was not accessible to.

  1. So this review is based on only a week? Yet in that short time you saw mobile revenue increase 200%? Did it drop back to your normal as soon as you disabled Ezoic?

    Did you approach them with your problems with accessing email and the site, etc?

    • @ Raj! I did not wish to continue as i wanted take care of the monetisation and other aspects my self. There was a problem with hosting company being unable to exclude some ip address of ezoic. So i did not want to continue as there were problems which i could not resolve from the hosting side.

  2. I had same problem. My site was totally down after some days and they refused to agree that’s due to their platform . I changed their name server and everything goes fine.

  3. I should have read your review first… I only added one site to Ezoic and the moment i went to see the mobile version, the whole screen was pitch black… I removed the integrations immediately. I wish their team would have been more forthcoming with their answers. I asked so many times but their answer did not satisfy my question. And they stopped replying. Definitely I don’t feel comfortable leaving a site with an unresponsive team.
    I agree with you that it must be the competition that drives up the revenue (not the multivariate testing – maybe it helps a bit). I may start doing some of that via DFP.
    Thanks again for your article!

  4. Ezoic is a big scam :) If you don’t believe me just try it for a 2 weeks.

    What will happen?

    – If you accept to be “adsense partner program” with Ezoic, your revenues will down nearly %40-60
    – Your website’s layout, widgets , functions will change. ( You may say “it will turn to normal when i change my nameservers back” That’s exactly incredible what happens at this point. because i changed my nameservers back and my hosted files has changed. I know it sounds stupid, but it happened to me.
    – Your website speed will decrease
    – Your “spent on site” will decrease nearly %50-60

    Don’t believe me? Let’s have some experience -> https://www.ezoic.com

    All good reviews are “guest posts” :))

  5. came across this article trying to figure when ezoic makes payments..

    i tried ezoic too, and am kinda quitting after 1 month. first of all, my site generates 3%CTR which with adsense is amazing. ezoic asked for 60% of traffic to start, generated about 3 times less income from the 60% than adsense did with only 40%… so after a month i am giving it up.. just trying to figure out when do i get paid… is it in the end of the month for the previous month, same as adsense? it doesn’t say anywhere…

    ps. i also thought it was scam from the start.. but no, they are legit.. only their setup puts like a dozen ads on my site, which i do not like, i like the 2 ads from adsense.. they said system was trying combinations.. why start with the highest number of ads on the page?

  6. Many well-known websites wrote articles ezoic, but they all paid to write, I don’t think, they will increase revenue, and it depends on countries.

    Adsense launched Auto Ads, Matched content, native ads and more options, I think Adsense itself can optimize your websites.

  7. please i have been using them for two weeks running and i want to know if earnings per month includes the EPMV figures or just the earning? that is to say if my site generate $5 as EPMV per day, will ezoic pay me the total sum of my EPMV at the month end? please i need answers in other to make my projections

  8. I fully agree with your analysis; I am in process of removing the Ezoic from my site. It’s giving a good revenue but at the cost of loosing my ranking and traffic.Even after my efforts, I am still losing the traffic and it’s related to overall slowness caused by Ezoic scripts

    • Does it really affect traffic?? I have been using it for 3 months and I also noticed a decrease in my traffic. How else do you monetize? Amazon affiliates commissions have also reduced.

  9. Really Nice Article.
    I had also used Ezoic for one month and I realize that my website loading speed is very slow while I am using premium cdn.
    And also I have noticed that Ezoic earning and Adsense earning are approximately same.
    Ezoic big drawback is, it slow website speed due to that website traffic is going down day by day.

    • Hi Alok, thanks for sharing your experience. I believe that the income from ezoic would be higher than AdSense if you give some time for ad testing by their program.


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