Ezoic review | Why I Had to Quit After a Week

Ezoic is a adsense certified company based in north America Carlsbad California.

I was approached by a member of ezoic’s team with a pleasant mail asking to register an account at their platform.

I was bit excited as they promised a rise in income by 150% at-least.

I went up to their site ezoic.com and felt it to be a legitimate one as there was Google adsense partner badge.

I was asked for my analytics and adsense account access as they wanted it to help me better.

Ezoic review based on my experience

1. I signed up for my account at ezoic shortly after first mail.

2. I was asked to change the name servers such that i could point to ezoic’s servers.

3. They sent me some designs of my sites which they intend to go with.ezoic review

4. After 24 hours my site was live with their designs.

5. In the interface it was easy for me to off and on the platform.

6. One could set number of ads and extra adds etc.

7. Payment is by paypal and check. Minimum payout by paypal is $20.

What is multivariate testing:

Ezoic layout tester application makes different designs of your pages.

This includes change in the design of page and also change in location of ads. This experiment is considered to enhance

My opinion of enhanced revenue generation:

They say it is due to proper placement of ads. It may be true but there are also other revenue options which make the income higher.

Ezoic promises enhanced revenues to its publishers. I think it is because of following reasons.

1. More than 3 adsense ads i.e. they use 5 ad-sense ads on every page. So more ads, more chances of click and revenue.

2. They use adexchange ads. i.e. besides adsense they use other partner ads in place of adsense to see that we get highest price per click. So the ads on your site will fetch more money for a click than normal adsense account.

3. They use native ads like taboola which are similar to the content on the site. So more chances that the visitors who come to our site also read them. In doing so there is more revenue.

Besides they use in-text ads like infolinks for additional revenue.

Problems I faced:

I used for a week or so. Though everything went well, i was annoyed when my site did not open on my own computer and even on my mobile device. The IPs of ezoic were blocked by host. So i was asked to unblock them from my host side. The hosting provider was not ready to unblock so many IPs.

i was not able to open my email even. More over i wanted to have control on my revenue and ad placement. So i thought i take off from their platform.

So for anyone willing to try, i would advice to go ahead with them. But if you want more control over ads and site design then stay with yourself.

My experiments:

I first opted ezoic platform only for mobile. Really the mobile site looked splendid. They built a mobile version of site. My revenue from mobile alone was increased by 200% as promised. I did not try both mobile and desktop versions for long. I felt if one is not interested in handling the site design and monetization aspect, it is better to leave it to ezoic.

They will help with all the issues you face very fast as they have good support system.

To generate additional revenue, i moved on in-text ads and also revenuehits.

Ezoic scam: Many may be wondering if ezoic is a scam. No! they are a trust worthy company. I gave up as i wanted full control of my site on my own. During the short period of a week application of Ezoic program on one of my sites,I made some revenue. And they transferred it to my paypal even after i discontinued their use for more than 3 weeks before payment.

Also their support staff has prompt response to any of the quires.

Currently they seem to have updated their program for better. They have both Ezoic ‘Layout Tester’ and Ezoic ‘Ad Tester”. The first is it checks for better layout so as to improve readership experience and also the revenue. The “Ad Tester” does not change the layout but changes the ad position and color combination for more revenue.

Besides this, small publishers do not have option of related content ads (native ads) from google adsense. This option is provided by ezoic so, one can generate more revenue using ezoic.

After this experimentation, i have added revenuehits to my site besides adsense. Seems now the duo ad combination is working better. The revenuehits has given extra income and seems to be an added advantage.

Also, if you are using sucuri firewall as your website security, then try to whitelist ip’s of ezoic in their dashboard.

My second experiment:

After three years i again ran ezoic ads.

The ads are excellent because of header bidding competition from different publishers.

I made almost thrice the revenue compared to adsense alone.

But somehow i noticed a drop in page speed and got doubts if it was the reason for fall in my top keyword rankings.

Is Ezoic a scam:

I can say it is a genuine company who pays on time. Their ads are ethical and methods are professional.

But only thing is you have to manage the site speed when you use their ads.

Here is a proof of their income i got through paypal.

ezoic payment

They pay timely and as per their terms they follow net 30. But i have seen that they pay anywhere between 26 of the following month and at the most by 4th of the adjacent month.

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