Exmarketplace Review | A Genuine Google Ad Exchange for Publishers

The exmarket place is an official syndication partner of the Google ad exchange. It allows publishers to display ads and make more revenue than google adsense. Google Adsense is a reliable publishing adnetwork. But google adexchange is a place where many advertisers bid for online exposer. That is google adexchange has all the adsense ads+other publishers. So using google adexchange on a website could give more revenue than the Adsense.

However, the implementation of adexchange on websites is not quite easy like that of Adsense. Further, there will be chances of revenue loses compare to Adsense. So one needs an expert to implement adexchange technology on their websites. Hiring an expert could be expensive for small publishers in such conditions ad exchange syndication partners could be helpful. Exmarketplace.com Is one such Google partner to try out for better revenue.exmarketplace review

Exmarket place head office is located in Dubai. Signing up with them is quite easy if one has a site with good traffic more than 300000 per month.

You can go to exmarketplace.com and sign up with your Gmail. Their representative would contact you about your site and once satisfied you will get a link from Google to sign up for an ad exchange program with your websites. Once accepted by the Google the representatives would send you ad codes to implement on your website. The traffic stats and revenue updated every24 hours. The income generated is paid on net 30 terms, i.e., the income of March is paid at the end of April. Payment is done by PayPal or through wire transfer. For PayPal minimum payable balance is $50 while for wire transfer (into the bank account it is $1000). Those who wish to avoid PayPal charges could opt for wire transfer.

Is it a Scam:

The website of the company might look shabby. The dashboard not well designed. But still the company is genuine.

I got a payment of my earnings for one month. To check them, I asked for a payment through paypal when the earnings reached $200 USD.

As per their terms, i had to bear the paypal charges. So it accounted for almost $10 loss again.

See the screenshot of payment from paypal dashboard.

Exmarket review-payment proof

Advantages of this exmarket place:

  1. Large pool of advertisers: so better ads on your websites compare to Adsense.
  2. Does not slow down the website speed: Unlike other adpartners like ezoic, adx does not slow down the site. This is due to the lack of header bidding technique and heavy advertising and tracking scripts.
  3. Dedicated account manager: you will have a dedicated account manager whom you contact directly through Skype from your mobile phone.
  4. Daily emails of traffic and earnings reports

Disadvantages of this exmarket place:

  1. Lack of proper publisher dashboard and interface. Even you will not find a place to add your payment method. Only thing is you will have to intimate to your account manager.
  2. CPM based revenue where you will not have more income based on clicks.

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