Sucuri Firewall Review| An Opinion after using for Months

Sucuri website firewall is one of the best website protection cloud based platform.

If you are building a long-term website with steady progress, you need to have this to safeguard your website.

I did use it on one of my educational sites which gaining traction.

Once we reached 10k visits per day, we had sever attacks in the form of spam comments, spam back-links, content copying etc.

We had to block ips to stop comments and use disavow regularly to dilute spam back links.

But the solution was not effective and also had drastic effect on traffic.

The images were copied and all scrap links were pointing to our site.

So we thought of a firewall to protect our site from further spam attacks.

Then one of my friend advised to go for sucuri firewall protection plan. We have been using for months and hence put up a sucuri firewall review.

Sucuri review and it effect on our site

We just bought a sucuri firewall basic plan of $10 per month to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Immediately after installing, the traffic was down for few minutes to hours.

Then the traffic was back to normal and our website seemed seamless and a better speed than before.

After a day we noticed no spam comments on our blog.

We kept an eye on linkody backlink checker tool to see if there was any backlink attacks. Previously we had 4 to 5 backlinks spam per day. This was all of a sudden stopped and no further spam backlinks were generated.

sucuri firewall review

Even our image hotlinking was stopped while our other sites which did not have firewall enabled got the attacks as usual.

It seem if you are a growing blogger or webmaster trying to enhance your site traffic, you will be prone to negative SEO attack by others. Then to safe guard your site from google penalty, the only way out is to prevent spam backlinks, spam comments and other attacks on your site.

Sucuri firewall at just fraction of the cost will help you prevent have any attacks on your site.

We are glad that we found this cloud based firewall and hope to see more positive results of our site in future.

Other options in sucuri firewall

Reports: It reports all the ip’s from where traffic was blocked, was it a bot or some other attack on your site. It gives a overview of the geo of attack on your site.

Whitelist IP’s: The firewall allows you to specify from which specific ip’s the admin panel can be accessed. This is very important as it can block hacker to access your site directly.

Country based blocking: Further, it allows you for geo based blocking. This means you can block visitors from specific country from accessing your site. This is again of two modes. One mode prevents viewing of your site as a whole to the visitors of specific country. While, the other mode enable them to view your site but not post any comments on it.

Let is know your views on sucuri firewall Sucuri and its performance.

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