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After using ezoic for a while, I looked for other ad networks to checkout.

If you are into running online sites and making ad revenue, you must not stick up to one ad network.

Though Adsense is an excellent network, you must still try which one is suitable for you. If not, try to run another ad network besides adsense. You will make more revenue.

I came across, an ad network that promises a better stack and revenue than Adsense.
I did try them for a while and am still using them for a few sites. And here is the newordmedia review based on my experience.

About the company

It is a company based in Connecticut, USA. Its website lures you to signup.

They have an earning calculator which gives you an estimate of your earnings when you enter your site name and traffic stats.

You will get an email from one of their support staff if your site is suitable to run their ads.

That support staff would be your account manager and help give ad codes and answer your doubts.

Review of Newordmedia ads

1. The ads

The ads are of good quality and are from different networks. These include Adsense, double click, RhythmOne, monumetric, gumgum, criteo, outbrain, revcontent, etc.

The use of ads from many ad networks helps them compete for the ad space on your website. The network which pays more is displayed on the site. Thus you make more money than using just Adsense alone.

2. The payment method

They pay on the net 30 terms, which means the earnings of January will be paid in March’s first week.

The company offers instant payment through PayPal.

Newor media payment option
neewor media payment by paypal proof

I used to get their payment around the 5th of the month. Besides your revenue, they also bear the PayPal charges for you. So, it is a fair deal. However, I wished for Payoneer payment as Paypal charges more for the currency conversion.

They said they were trying to integrate with Payoneer shortly when I enquired about it.

3. Quality of ads on your sites and user

Most of their ads are banner ads with a clean interface. There is no hidden software or malware to ruin your website or your visitor’s computer.

So you will have no issues with Google or complaints from your visitors. I once had a bad experience with adsterra due to mobile redirections.

4. Effect of ads on site speed

In general, the presence of ads slows down the site speed. The visitors will have a delay in the loading of the site.

This is common for Adsense, media dot net (yahoo ads), exmarketplace, and others.

But, when you go for ad network partners who promise to enhance your revenue, the effect is more.

They follow a technique called header bidding which drastically slows down your site. I have seen this with many ad partners.

Even newormedia is not an exception. However, they load their ads asynchronously. Hence, the webpage is loaded first without wasting time. Then ads also are displayed.

I felt no significant loss in site speed from my Google analytics stats when using this network.

But, when I used other ad networks, the site speed used to be very low, leading to a drop in site rankings on google.

Things I wised for

They do not seem to evaluate ad placements for better revenue. This technique is available with ezoic.

And if a visitor sees the ads at the exact location when he goes through other pages, he avoids them.

Rotating the ad placements would help to gain more clicks and revenue.

Also, check out valueimpression review, another good ad network.

Currently, we run monumetric and valueimpression ads on the same site for more revenue.

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  1. I am currently using valueimpression… But received an email from this ad network today. Should I stay at valueimpression or try this one?


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