How Much Money can you Make from a Website ?

Internet has become a hope of making money for many young aspirants.

To add up the fire there are many so-called guru’s who persistently persuade these enthusiastic guys to teach tips on how to make money online as they make some millions of bucks online.

This makes the enthusiasts intending to make money to spend their valuable money and time to follow the teachings of gurus and also in between purchase any software recommended by them.

But in real life do we find millionaires come to us and persuade to teach their secrets of making millions?

So, what’s this all about.

I have been online doing things to make money using websites. Hence, my experience could be of use to you.

How much money can you make from a website?

One can make million or billions based on the model adopted by him.

But there are few misconceptions to it. So let me be clear

1. None can make millions of dollars online without spending or investing rightly.

2. Those very few guys who make descent money have done it over a period of time but not in short period.

3. Those who make huge money cannot guarantee if their income stands same for over a period of ten years or more.

4. The amount of efforts one spends to make money online is immense without guarantee (assured) of success.

5. The main means of making money online is by display of ads or by selling of products. Both these aspects are irritant to website visitors. So they develop ad blindness i.e. a tendency to avoid seeing ads how much money can you make from a website Also many are not interested to purchase physical things online as they are not able to see & feel the product holding in their hands.

If it was not true by now all the multinational companies would have started selling their products online without hassle of dealers and physical inventory stores etc.

6. Dependency on search engines to get visitors. More than 80% of sites get visitors in large number through search engines. These search engines keep on changing their rules to decide which site to show first and which one to show next. So many web masters always keep a watch on search engine position of their sites like watch dogs to see their site visitors number doesn’t go down and their by the revenue. So sites income or revenue is dependent on search engines.

7. The income also varies hugely based on the market one targets, the number of visitors searching online for information from the specific market. For example, the agriculture sector is one of the huge markets but many farmers do-not go online to search for information or purchase a product. Similarly one with website on gadgets may earn more than one with information on education. Though the number of visitors to both sites are same.

So, to make huge money, one need to be ready for investment. Also be ready for change, adopt for advanced technology and also be ready to expand.

Based on this how much money can you make from a website depends on the following factors

1. The category of service

2. The region of service i.e. country and continent etc.

3. Extent of service.

1. Category: This comes down to either informational website, service oriented site.

Informational sites need to have huge content to make good amount of money online. Service oriented sites need to attract the buyers and the income depends on the customers to a large extent besides the services.

 how much money can you make from a website

2. Region of service: Since internet is all round the world, one can get reach everywhere. But more money can be obtained online if you serve to regions like untied states, Canada, Australia, UK and other high income countries. On the other hand, if your target changes, you may not make sufficient money. This is due to factors like low purchasing power, currency rates etc.

3. Extent of service: As like in real world, the more the extent of service, the high is the revenue and vice-versa.

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