A2 Hosting Review of Swift Plan After 1 Month of Use

A2 Hosting is one of the well-known hosting available and here is a2 hosting review after using it.
We Were previously hosting this site on blue host’s VPS (virtual private server) along with other sites.
But since it was becoming necessary to shift it, we opted for this new hosting.
The plan shared hosting “swift” was chosen by us.
And we were offered free domain and free migration on making the payment.
It is more than week by now and here are the points to consider if you wish to buy this host and this plan.

A2 hosting review on Swift plan:

Signup: The signup for the plan was smooth and we did it with a credit card.
Account set up: Once we verified the email for confirmation, we were able to login to the panel.
Account panel: This is very clear as seen in the picture below. We can notice our name, support pin, address and services taken. It is beautifully designed too.
Migration: We asked for migration by email and chat support.
The support asked for details of previous host login and other details in next 24 hours.
Once we were clear with our requirements, they started it and by next day everything was completely migrated as we expected by them.
They also sent confirmation mail regarding migration completion.
Control panel: The panel is a cpanel but not well designed like you can see in bluehost or dream host. It is routine cpanel you will find in many other hosts. They have not designed something new to represent their brand.
It wish they could have done more to increase the esthetics.
The panel has many options like seen above. Some are linked to third business apps which we may chose to purchase.
There is also option for free cloud flare setup which could help in increasing security and also speed of our site.
There is option for redirect set up, IP blocker, hotlink protection etc.
Besides one change or customize cpanel as per their interest.
Performance: The sites were doing well after migration without any downtime.
But it seems the sites are slow compared to that hosted on VPS. This is a common possibility as many sites are hosted on shared hosting.
To enhance speed one can use cloudflare or other CDN. For one of our site we are using MAX CDN which is fastest and best in the market.
Support: Online support though i could chat with support team easily. Many a times I got the message, that all the support staff are busy helping out other customers.
This was sometime even closed and lead to a window which asks to open a ticket or send mail.
But one can even call them over phone or skype for help.
Currently i do not have any problems with them. But may be i can write more about them once we test for many more months to come.
If you are willing to buy a shared hosting, then this a2 hosting would be a good fit if you have minimal traffic. For more traffic, you may need to choose their turbo shared hosting plan.
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