Two Wheeler Insurance Without Inspection

Two-wheeler insurance is a compulsory requirement nowadays. In general transport, authorities inspect for this and are also very strict about it. Anyone found without insurance can be fined.

Besides this two-wheeler insurance is also demanded by the transport department. In case you wish to transport your vehicle from one place to another by train, then two-wheeler insurance is mandatory.

This two-wheeler insurance will be of two types like

a) comprehensive insurance

b) Third-party insurance.

Comprehensive insurance means full insurance. This means it covers the bike, owner, and also any other person on the road in case of an accident. This type is expensive than the latter type. Further, it requires inspection of the two wheeler insurance

Third-party is one which gives insurance only to the third person in case of an accident. So neither the bike nor damage to the owner is covered under it.

This third-party insurance can be done without inspection or physical verification of the bike.

I recently faced an interesting issue. I had my two-wheelers taken long back to my place of work. The insurance of it lapsed more than a year ago. To shift the bike back to my native place, I was demanded two-wheeler insurance by train transport authorities.

Since I was at home town and the bike at the place of work, I needed to make insurance without the presence of the bike—I.e, without any physical inspection of the vehicle.

For my car insurance, I was asked to show my vehicle; they took the chassis number, etc. personally from it. So I was expecting the same type of inspection.

But somehow, when I tried to see some online policies, I came across a few companies offering two-wheeler insurance. This insurance was done without any inspection.

I even called the customer care and inquired; they also said the inspection was not required for the two-wheeler insurance to be renewed.

But inspection will be needed for the first time when the bike is bought.

The reason given was, when a new two-wheeler is taken, it has no number given. For the number to be given, the road transport authorities will require insurance. So the insurance company will need to verify the bike, note its chassis, engine number and give the insurance.

But for an old bike which has already got a number, has a registration and road clearance. It is not needed.need not inspect it as the vehicle is already in your name.

Maybe they will inquire from the online departmental sources regarding the owner’s details.

Suppose you go to the website of your state departmental website. There you will find your vehicle details registered owner etc.

So one can do two-wheeler insurance without inspection online for two conditions.

a) For third party insurance: Since there is no insurance covered to bike, it is possible.

b) For already insured but expired vehicles. Here the vehicle is already insured before but lapsed. Then one can avail of insurance without inspection.

Further online, two-wheeler insurance is cheaper than direct inspection based insurance. Since there is no requirement for a person to be attending you, it is cheaper.

So two-wheeler insurance without inspection is possible for older vehicles but not for newly bought ones.

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