5 Best Investment Options to Leverage your Hard Earned Money

Everyone works hard to make some descent money.

But once requirements are satisfied we think of investment options to leverage our and increase its worth for future use.

But due to many options, advises, advertisements available around, it is tough to decide a best investment option.

Even there are many who made huge fortune by their careers or skills and ended up penniless due to improper investment options.

For example, there were some movie artists who did so well but did not invest properly, they went for making their own movies or something and ended up with meager lifestyles as they could not increase the value for their  money.

So it is important to take a wise decision in investments.

 # best Investment options

What to consider during investment:

The investment options should be some possessions preferably as you can count on them.

The possessions you make should be free from any legal or other problems.

You must be able to make money in immediate basis at times when you require by spending your investments.

The investment should be at your control and freedom than relying on some company or agents etc in case you want to sell them and make money.

Best Investment options available are

1. Invest in real estate. This is considered one of the best options as it increases your moneys worth many times in span of few years. But it requires a good amount of money in most cases. You may buy with some bank loans or something but it is not advisable as bank interests are rising.

2. Buying farm lands. This is also better investment option but may be a bit tough to find farms as farmers may be unwilling to sell their lands. But if you can find one it is a good one. You can make money by renting the land besides the value of farm land keep rising.

3. Invest in gold: This is another best option as you can buy gold even in small proportion as per the money you have in hand. Though there are rumors about the high price of gold and chances of falling down, still this is not happening practically. The price of gold keeps on rising. But to consider in buying gold some suggest gold coins or biscuits while other insist on gold equity shares. But to keep things as your possessions and sell at your interest anywhere, the gold coins and gold biscuits seem  to be better.

4. Mutual funds. These are little risk options to invest money in shares. Since you can buy even in small investment like Rs. 500 or 1000, they are easier means to save money and also turn them into investment.

5. Buying shares of companies with sound stand and growth. But this requires you consult some expert consultation for their opinion. Even you may require to keep a regular watch on the changes in share prices, market trends etc. A bit more strenuous than other investment options mentioned above.

Other may advise like insurance plans, chit funds etc, but in my opinion they are not investment options to make money in time. The companies are benefitted than the investor here.

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