Serverpilot Alternative for Running Cloud servers with Ease

Serverpilot is a online control panel to host your wordpress and other php based sites over virtual private servers (VPS). It is efficient and clean control panel with all the possible requirements. But it has limitations like the lack of any free plans, being expensive and also with limited methods of technical installation. So, if you are looking for serverpilot alternative try these

  1. Ploi
  2. larvel forge
  3. Run cloud
  4. Cyberpanel
  5. Serveravatar
  6. Setupserver

VPS are the fastest and inexpensive hosting platforms compared to shared hostings. For those who are on shared hosting plans and willing to enhance their site speed and performance can take up VPS hosting. These VPS hosting providers are cheaper and highly efficient in terms of speed and performance. But the catch is you have to maintain your server yourself. Since, many would find it hard to maintain the server themselves, there are many controls panels like serverpilot out there. These can be free and also a complete package to run your websites.

Serverpilot alternatives in detail

Ploi: Ploi is a Netherlands based server management tool. The interface is clean and easy to use. It offers many types of installation, with powerful firewalls and latest versions of php.

Compared to other control panels, ploi has easy access to database, configuration files, adding redirects in the control panel itself without the need for .htaccess etc.

Further features like zero down time deployment, automatic file backups, server monitors are present. The prices are in Euros but also includes a free plan

Server pilot alternative - ploi pricing This is another control panel which is quite famous as serverpilot. It has many features similar to it but, there is some level of manual integration required. If you are not technical guy who do not know how to use putty or SSH access, you will find it difficult to use it. But once, you can connect the panel with your server, everything would seem easy.

Runcloud has a free plan but it is very restricted that you cannot even add an SSL certificate to your site.

But unlike others, it is very cheap and has lot of solid options to run your site and monitor your server.

One can even connect with google cloud server with it. Since, google cloud offers a free trial plan of $300 for one year, you can host your sites on it for free through run cloud with ease.

Serveravatar: This is one of the server management tool with complete set of features. Even a non technical guy use the system with ease.

Be even normal cloud servers with root passwords or without like google cloud, one can connect their servers and run deploy wordpress sites with ease.

But unlike other, it does not have a free plan. But both basic plan of $5 and higher plan of $12 have dashboard panel to monitor the server.

server monitors dashboard

One can install wordpress with apache or nginx. Even support is fine. But updates to php and others seem to be a bit late in implementation.

However, I felt that the support is not fast and highly efficient in resolving the issues.

Cyberpanel: This is another web hosting control panel is specially maintained by openlitespeed. cyberpanel, unlike others, this control panel helps you to install wordpress and other sites on litespeed technology instead of apache or nginx. This litespeed is said to be faster than nginx and apache still providing option for .htacees.

Cyber panel another alternative with litespeed technology

This cyberpanel has free plan and also paid plans. But the free panel is limited with free version of litespeed webserver upto 2gb ram.

larvel forge: This is a bit expensive server management platform as starting plan for single server is arounf $12 per month. But since, it is there from long with good reputation, one can go for it. Also unlike others, they do not provide options like apache or nginx. One can only use nginx but the installation is quite easy.

larvel forge

It come with auto SSL installation with regular updates for php and other software.

Setupserver: This is a recent incumbent of the others. The dashboard of setupsever looks clean and refreshing with options to use apache or nginx or both in reverse proxy form. Even there is a free plan to host unlimited servers and sites. Even paid plans are less expensive and have more better features than the free one.

However, I feel their support is worst. So unless you are technically handy, you should not use it.

Summary: Of all the listed options above, Serverpilot, larvel forge and ploi seems to be best bets for me. They are well maintained without any technical problems during the installation process. They come with automatic SSL installation and regular updates which makes them reliable. Also, since wordpress had enabled site health feature, using any reputed three will show better health. While others you may have issues with PHP older versions and improper SSL certificate implementation. Even cyberpanel is quite good if you wish to use litespeed technology for your sites.

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