In-text Cost Per Click Vs In-text affiliate Ads| Which is Better

In text ads are some of the best performing ads.

They have higher click through rates than banner ads.

Also they are not disturbing to the reader and also not intrusive.

They are also not blocked by ad-block software.

They can be easily integrated into the content.

They do not take up extra space like banner ads.

Hence having In-text ads for monetization of websites or blogs is a best option.

So many sites try to opt for both banner ads and also in text ads.

Intext CPC networkBut it is true that CPC based banner ads earn more than in-text ads. This is quite true in comparison with adsense programs.I tried kontera and even infolinks programs.

But i have seen that in text CPC networks pay less than banner ads though they have higher CTR.

So if one is trying to make more money by intext ads, the other option is to shift to affiliate based in text ads.

Almost all of the affiliate programs provide in text codes for monetization.

Besides there are in-text platforms which help manage all of the affiliate programs under a single account. These include viglinks and skimlinks networks.

I had experience of trying both info links and also viglinks on some of my other blogs. What i learn’t was that infolinks like CPC based text ads can pay well if you have so much of traffic. But still, it will not be comparable to adsense income for same level of traffic.

Viglinks-Intext affiliate
Viglinks: In text affiliate ads

If you wish to earn more, you can use in-text affiliate ads by integrating viglinks or skimlinks. Though there are chances of making more money by this method, the intent of visitor is important. If the products linked or less expensive and interesting to reader, then they will definitely purchase. If not they do not purchase and you will end up making no money at all.

So which one to use i.e. CPC base intext ads like infolinks or affiliate based text links is tricky question. But trying both of them for some time will show the results.

The only difference is, you can control a lot with affiliate links as you are free to decide what to promote and what not. But in CPC based text ads program you have no freedom of what to promote.

But it seems fashion, book related, gadget related one perform well with affiliate text ads while other do better with CPC based text ads.

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