How to earn money from Google| interesting options for everyone

Google the search engine giant is one of the biggest companies in the world with highest revenue turnover.

Since its birth a two decades ago it has grown up huge and diversified into many areas besides search.

It serves millions of people every day through free services and also provides options to earn money.

It is a company backed up by enormous trust and reputation world wide.

It gives many free services for the people and for those who wish to earn money, it offers most reliable scopes and resources.

# 1 How to earn money from google-How to earn money from Google?

  1. By working for Google.
  2. By using services of Google.
  3. By partnering with Google.

By working for Google:

  1. One can work for Google as a software engineer, HR and many other employment options in the company worldwide. Google provides best work environment for its employees with industries best salaries.
  2. By working for some small projects offered by Google. Some of them are

Google Summer of Code (GSOC): It is an open global project by Google for university students above 18 years of age willing to write code for some of their open source software projects. Those students with exceptional skills in coding and programming are selected. For selected students they offer about $5000 per annum.  It is an offer for 300 students every year all over the world. The advantage is besides making money students can gain knowledge about worldwide software development. Check out more

Summer code of google.

Working for open source projects: You can even work for organization handling open source projects for Google.

Google Code-in: This is a recent launch after success of GSOC by Google. It is for pre-university students from age 13- 17 years. Students don’t earn money but some gifts and tours instead.

By competing and winning prizes Ex: Google Code Jam. This is meant to solve complex code puzzles.

This is a longest running coding competition in the world. A Google Code Jam Champion will win $15,000. Check for more in the link.

By development of apps and games: Here if you are techie or programmer and could create an android application or any game, you can list them in the Google apps or Google play for public use. You may even sell them for a nominal price.

By using services of Google

Google provides many services like Gmail, analytics, Google webmaster tools, Google insights, page speed services and more. These are made available with a Google account.

If you have knowledge of SEO or a web developer, you can use many of the Google services for free to serve your customers. Webdevelopers and SEO experts claim good sum of money for their work.

If you are good writer, you can build a blog which can pay in monthly basis by ads. I know few guys who make thousands of dollars each month by using blogger software.

If you are good artist, you can make videos, post on youtube channel of yours and make money by drawing visitors.

By partnering with Google

Google provides some partnership options for everyone who seems worthy enough. One of the programs they offer is Google Ad sense.

This is a program to display ads on sites with quality content and good traffic. For every click on ad, they offer a revenue share of 58- 60% from that they receive from advertiser. They pay by check or wire transfer.

You have options as Adsense for content, for search, for you tube videos, for feed etc.

By development of ads

Many advertisers want to display their ads through Adsense network and for this they need someone to design the ads in an attractive and pleasing manner. Some ads are just text type while other or image, video or animated type. So this is another way to earn money. There are few companies who are involved exclusively in designing ads for Adsense through ad words. If you have the skill, you can even work for these companies to make better ads.

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