Did Your Adsense earnings change on sudden basis

Adsense is one of the premier online advertisement companies from Google. It has a wide inventory with relevant ads to display on websites of any niche or market. It is hassle-free unlike other advertisements with reference to its ad code implementation, payment for your earnings, etc.

But many make very few dollars or cents from ad-sense due to various reasons. In the recent past, its cost per click (CPC) has gone down much like to few cents like 2 to 10 cents even for a single click even if there is high click-through rate (CTR).

Hence some busy sites have banned using ad sense from their sites and have opted for direct advertisements. But this option is not possible for small publishers and have to rely on ad sense.

Why Adsense earnings change suddenly?

Sometimes you may notice a sudden fall in earnings, clicks in ad sense. This can be because of

1. Change of ad units: When you change from one ad unit to another like a large rectangle to leader board etc. The new changes take time for ad sense to establish which types of ads to display on your site after the changes.# adsense earnings

2. Blocking ad types: Adsense team advice to block some category of ads to see if you can have relevant ads on your site. But when you do some ad blocking, the CPC, CTR goes down.

3. Changing ad unit placements: Changing the place where you display your ads. When you change the place of ad display on your site again earnings fall down.

4. Seeing your own site many times: Though this is not confirmed by many, it seems that seeing your own pages with Adsense ads many times in a day decreases ad relevancy and thereby earnings and clicks.

5. Due to other ads: IF you are using other ads besides AdSense, you may feel the heat of revenue loss. This is because the same ads compete from different networks. This can be seen when you use in-text ads by Infolinks, Kontera, etc. Besides even media net ads also affect Adsense earnings. The only way to counter this is to use header bidding options from ezoic or other ad management networks.

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