How to use Paypal in India|Tips to pay & receive online

Paypal is one of the best way to make payments and also receive payments online. They provide details on how to use paypal in India on their website itself but for more details by personal experience i write it here.

Paypal is safe and hassle free and avoids any chance of malpractice in online transaction. Further a buyer can be more reliable about the product he bought if it is from pay pal than buying directly using a credit card.

It is a good intermediate for online transactions. The charge for receving payment are nil in case of personal accounts while there will be small charge for business accounts and also for purchases.

But the safety, reliability and convenience provided is well worth the charge. It is one of the sole options to earn money online.

How to make payments through paypal in India.

How to use paypal in india


In India RBI and the local banks have many restrictions in paypal transactions.

As per RBI one needs to withdraw money from paypal received directly into their locl bank accounts and also they cannot make any purchases using money in the paypal account.

How to use paypal for online transactions in India.

One can use paypal to make sales online. If you are small business or large business owner still paypal suits you. Only you need pay some percentage of earnings.

1. Open a Paypal account with a valid email. This email should have preferably a strong password. Any activity in your paypal will be intimated to this mail.

2. Provide your detail like address, phone number, PAN card and any other photo identification. The paypal service people may ask for verification of the PAN and address proof documents. For this one need to send the scan copies of the documents by uploading them in the paypal site when asked for. One need not get the documents verified to receive payments or make payments. But to receive large amounts, then one need to verify. Till then the paypal may uphold the payments you received.

3. Enter Your Local bank details like account number, credit or debit card numbers for smooth passage of money from your paypal account to paypal account and vice versa.

4. The paypal verifies the bank account by depositing two small amounts into your bank account. Which you need to look into and enter the exact numbers into the paypal console when asked to confirm your ownership with the bank account.

How to make payments through paypal in india:

1. One can make payments through paypal using only either debit card or credit card in India. Intersting not all the banks in India issue a debit card or credit card payable by paypal. I.e. Not all banks have tie ups with paypal for the service.

As per current status, only ICICI Bank and AXIS bank credit and Debit cards are valid for online payments through paypal. Hope other leading banks also have this service through paypal shortly.

2. To make payment through the above mentioned card debit or credit cards, you need to select an item for purchase and the vendors lead to paypal transaction page where you can pay by logging in to your paypal account or else directly without logging in if you have debit card other than one linked in to you paypal account.

3.You can also send payments by entering the email of the payee to whom you need to send the money. One can also include the physical address of the payee.

The email address you send money should be the email address of the payee which is linked to his paypal account.

So sending money is from paypal to paypal accounts but not directly into their bank accounts. Latter the receiver can withdraw the funds to his local bank accounts.

4. For online shopping also paypal is the safe option as you do not leak your credit card details on merchant site.

How to receive money through paypal.

Paypal gives the best and easy option to receive money online. Either be it for your work or for your sales. It is most reliable option today.

In India to receive money through paypal, you need a paypal account which has no limits or holds. To do this one need to verify his bank account, his PAN number and also photo id proof.

In personal accounts one receives money for free while for business account one needs to pay a fixed charge and also very small percentage of sale.

If you have any more problem one how to use paypal in India then call their customer care..They are very friendly and always there to help.

Besides you payoneer as new payment partner.

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