Adsterra Review| How our Websites were Banned by Google

Adsterra review is written after a short experience of using it.

We are regular users of adsense for monetizing our web space.

Besides adsense, we tried of many other networks for extra income.

And we were not satisfied with many due to reasons like, difficulty in getting our sites approved, lack of sufficient payment rates and also inappropriate ads.

We mostly like to use banner ads with CPC, CPM mode and we do not like popup under ads as they irritate our visitors.

So in search of a descent ad network for sites besides adsense, we tried adsoptimal and then we tried adsterra. So with this experience we give you more information about it.

Adsterra Review

Adsterra claims to be a premium ad network with different adformats. They offer adformats like

  1. Banner ads
  2. Direct links
  3. Interstitial ads
  4. Video banners etc.

The earning are calculated in terms of number of impressions and also clicks.

In our experiment, we put a single side bar ad below the fold.

Most of the ads were some sort of software download type or online game related.

The results were quite impressive. Unlike regular ads which have more clicks, these ads too had better click and rates.

See the image below for an idea


Adsterra offers twice a month payments through paypal and other payment gateways.

But after use for over 10 days, suddenly our website traffic dropped drastically. From 5000 visits per day they fell to 500 visits per day.

All the important pages with top rankings were no seen in first page. They went away to more than 100 serps.

After a day we received a message from google search console that our websites have been put on manual spam penalty.

So they were deindexed from google and we had to make correction to get them approved back.

The reason for this manual penalty was there were redirects on mobile pages due to adsterra ads.

So the visitor from search engine was shown different page than what he was to be shown  by google.

So immediately we had to disable and remove all the adsterra ad codes from those websites.

After being sure that there were no more impressions on adsteraa dashboard from our sites, we applied for reconsideration.

This was approved after a gap of three days which gave us a sigh of relief.

But still the approval note mentioned that the ranking might not be upto the mark as before.

And as we see, still we have lagging in traffic for those sites.

We have been running websites since eight years by now and for the first time we had a penalty action from google.

That too a manual spam penalty over entire site which is too risky as it could ban our site for ever.

So we advice to be careful in selecting ad-networks for monetization.

If a wrong choice is made, we tend to loose our ranking and also whole website.

It might be foolish to lose all the years of hard work for petty dollars.

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